Our group

  • UAE:

Our Headquartered in UAE, Unique Way General Trading specializes in international trading and tailored investment solutions for individuals and companies, with innovative approaches to businesses acting as the gateway between the suppliers and the end-users.

Our consulting and financial services for implementing and managing diverse projects, both domestic and international, certainly exceed the expectations of each client – we offer sound managerial techniques, operations flexibility and optimization of systems functionality, adding value to any project and trading transaction.
Our professionals are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with substantial hands-on experience, there by ensuring that our clients and investors will receive the most effective services for secure investments, trading and project development.
  • Indonesia:

Mina Investment Company is our sister company based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The famous BITUMINA is our brand for bitumen in Indonesia and East Asian markets and it is known to its high quality,price,durability,performance and reliable sourcing.

  •  Cameroon

The famous GALAXY is our brand in African markets, we are supplying Bitumen, Engine Oil and Cars Batteries to Cameroon, if you are based in west African Countries you can easily reach and contact  to our office is Duala for any inquiry in that region.

  • Spain

Unique Way Spain and Alhambra Exporting are our sister companies in Spain base in Valencia City, we are exporting different kind of Polymers to Spain , If you are based in West Europe you can reach and contact our Office there for any inquiry.

We are tending to develop our business wider globally.

Our team are specialized in international trading for individuals and organizations with innovative approaches to businesses acting as the  gateway between the suppliers and the end-users.

Via our team, you can access the greatest and the most potential markets in the world from the East Asian markets to the Middle Eastern Markets going towards African markets and moving on to the Western markets, all in one organization as a group of companies with its variety of offices in strategically locations worldwide.

Our mission is offering high quality goods with competitive prices and the best services to our customers. It will be our pleasure to do business with your steamed organization and offer you our best products and services.